We have been busy in our role as eco-warriors ensuring we are all being responsible with school resources.  On a weekly basis we walk round the classrooms checking the following:-

  • We check lights, projectors and electrical items are turned off when not in use.
  • Taps are turned off and not dripping.
  • The photocopying 'whoops a daisy' box hasn't got paper in that we can re-use.
  • The correct items are placed in the correct recycling bins.
  • If we need to do anything in the eco-garden.
  • Are the plants and green areas looked after by everyone.
  • We also enjoyed an assembly led by a recycling expert from the East Riding Council.


Please take a look at the Eco board in school to find out what we have been up to.
  Sorting the photocopy waste
   Checking all our signs are visible
  Taps need to be turned off and not dripping.
  Please don't stand on the snowdrops and daffodils.
Our signs encourage everyone to remember to turn off lights in unused areas.