I have really fond memories of my school days – and none more so than the days I spent at primary school. They were days of exploring, learning and fun. Happy days, spent with friends and inspired by teachers who cared and nurtured.

I hope you remember your own early learning with similar fondness. And of course, once we grow up and have children of our own – those memories of school days take on a whole new significance as we look for the best start for our own youngsters.

Brandesburton Primary School is a school I would love to have attended. It’s bright, happy and inspiring and the teachers are dedicated to the wellbeing of our sons and daughters.

I remember my first visit to the school. It was a few years ago - before I was involved with the governing body at the school. I can’t today remember what the occasion was but I DO remember walking into a colourful, creative environment. As I walked along the corridor, admiring the school projects proudly displayed on the walls, there was a delightful rendition of Freres Jacques echoing through the school – and coming from Class 3, I think. It made me smile.

Just thinking about that time still makes me smile today and certainly that brilliant moment convinced me that our school was a special place.

Brandesburton Primary School offers our children a safe learning environment. It’s a place that always encourages our children to be their best. Academic success and learning is clearly important but so is the development of wider interests. Trips ‘out’, visitors ‘in’ and any number of lunchtime and after school clubs ensures that the school is much much more than a routine school.

Our dedicated teaching staff (under the leadership of our talented and respected Head Teacher) along with the Governing Body and our brilliant Parents/Friends Association are committed to providing a great start for all of our children. A start that they’ll remember and tell THEIR children about.

If you’d like to know anything more about how the school can be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Phil White
Chair of Governors