OFSTED inspection report, Tuesday 28 March 2017.

“This is an incredibly good school!”

We are pleased to be able to share with you our official Ofsted report and the recognition that Ofsted has given to many outstanding aspects of the provision at Brandesburton Primary School.  Please click on the link to read the full report www.ofsted.gov.uk


After an intense day of scrutiny, the Governors, the Schools Senior Leadership team (SLT) and a representative of the Local Authority attended a detailed feedback session by the Ofsted Inspector (HMI.) The following key points were made during that meeting and we hope that sharing these with you will add extra information to what is already an excellent report.

The meeting was told that:
The Foundation Stage is one of the schools greatest strengths.
The curriculum is vibrant, with many opportunities for application of skills and enrichment.  
The learning environment is inspiring and an excellent learning tool that captures ideas. 
Learning in classes is highly individualised – teachers really know their pupils, and pupils know their own strengths and what they need to do to develop. Work in books and classes demonstrates accelerated learning.

Further feedback included;
Monitoring is robust and rigorous by all leaders at all levels.
Governors are committed and experienced with a clear understanding that informs their challenge to the school.
Challenge in lessons is clear – pupils have to puzzle and are not immediately given the answers.

We are delighted that the overall effectiveness and the school’s capacity for sustained improvement have been graded GOOD. HMI told the assembled governing body, the local authority advisor and the SLT that she agreed with the school’s own evaluation and that four of the five areas assessed in the visit are outstanding.

We’d like to acknowledge the role of the parents in this inspection! HMI said that there had been a notable level of parental feedback and support!  Thank you - it really did make a difference.

We are also delighted to recognise the hard work of everybody involved at Brandesburton Primary School.  Their work is endless and on-going and not just for the day of an Ofsted visit!  All the hard work that happens day in, day out is for our pupils, of course – and so finally, we would like to thank them as they more than played their part in the inspection by sharing their own talents and love of learning so enthusiastically with HMI.

Mr P White
Chair of Governors