Foundation Stage Curriculum

Key Stage 1 Long term plan

Key Stage 2 Long term plan

Click here to view the National Curriculum 2014 which provides further information about the content of the curriculum for each subject in each year group. 

Our fun creative curriculum, the standards we achieve, our learning environment and our extra curricular activities are just a few of the things we are particularly proud of at Brandesburton Primary School.

The curriculum is 'what' will be taught in school.  It includes the statutory new curriculum which was introduced in September 2014 and the curriculum which is unique to Brandesburton Primary School.

We celebrate the principles that make our curriculum distinctive, for example the wealth of activities/events, visits, visitors and extra-curricular activities.

KS1 have a two year cycle.

KS2 have a four year cycle.

Foundation stage is based around seven areas of learning.

It is underpinned by the following aims:


  1. have a strong commitment to every child
  2. promote learning as an exciting/independent/co-operative and life long activity
  3. help pupils develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds with the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks
  4. encourage students to achieve their potential academically, physically, artistically, creatively and emotionally
  5. develop skills in English, Maths and Computing as keys to success
  6. maintain a school ethos and climate of care and commitment to one another, where individuals are valued, feel safe and have their achievements celebrated
  7. promote an inclusive school with equality of opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, gender or disability
  8. promote good citizenship with the values of responsibility, courtesy, co-operation and respect at the core
  9. develop links and create partnerships with the wider community, local schools, and business to extend learning opportunities

 Click here to read the notes from the Curriculum Meeting.