This term we are going to be following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin.

Each class will be investigating plant life in various ways.

Foundation “Darwin’s Adventurers”.  They will become confident explorers of the indoor and outdoor environment, develop a growing interest in the world around them and understand what the environment has to offer.  They have begun their project by looking at colours of plants and sorting them.

Class 1 “Darwin’s Lookouts”.  They will be looking out for plants in the local environment and examining them carefully. The children will be learning about plant parts and spotting similarities and differences.  They have begun their project by planting sunflowers and beans

Class 2 Darwin’s “Discoverers and Thinkers”.  The pupils will be hunting for the amazing plants that grow in their part of the world. They will see the similarities and differences between plants in different habitats, collect specimens and study them in simple experiments.  The class has begun their project by going on a Thinking Walk to look at different habitats for plants in the school grounds.

They will be encouraged to reflect on their findings and pool their ideas. The children will explore how we use plants and investigate how they grow successfully

Class 3 “Darwin’s Collectors”, Darwin was very interested in collecting and made collections, observations and recordings to document how plants and animals adapted to their surroundings.  They have begun their project by going on a Thinking walk to look at the school grounds.

Class 4 “Darwin’s Investigators” will investigate seed dispersal and complete a germination experiment.  They have begun their project by planting radish seeds.

Class 5 “Darwin’s Plant Detectives” will see how Kew scientists identified mystery seeds and then embark on their own detecting challenge. Their mission is to grow the mystery seeds given to them by Mrs McClarron.  Solving this mystery will combine observing evidence with creative thinking.

Class findings will be shared in Assemblies throughout the term.

If you would like to look at what we are doing click here, there is lots of information and games to play.

Mrs McClarron

Science Co-ordinator