This term our theme in History has been World War II - Blackouts.  In November we were able, with the help of support from parents and the PTFA, to have Else Johnson visit school.  She came to give us a taste of what people ate during the war years.  She also brought with her some of the toys children played with.

Else told us all about rationing and how famiies would have made meals out of unusual ingredients.  We were able to taste WWII fruit cake, anzac biscuits, lemon curd, uncooked chocolate cake, ice cream, oatmeal sausages, spam fried in breadcrumbs, lentil soup, bread made with potatoes and flour and cheese pancakes.  At the end of the session we had to fill in a chart saying what we thought of each recipe and whether we liked or disliked the recipes.  Most of us liked the uncooked chocolate cake and did not like the bread made with potatoes and flour.

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